Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Some old Timers"

I and our duck guide Eddie were set up in one of our pits on a hill above Jeff Rowland and his group of guys, Paul had said there were alot of geese using the farm and we should have a pretty good shoot....Jeff had the field that the geese wanted and I knew it would be just a matter of time that his young guys that he had with him would bang out there four goose limit and we would move over and take there spot...those guys got there birds and we headed over...the geese were pretty leery and when we would get geese working us we would have them just stack up on us...wave after wave of geese would work the decoys and we would get a group to set and land and start feeding as all of the other lessers would circle to work our spread...usually we like to get our geese backwinging into the decoys but the fellas that I had out were a little on the mature side and getting up in time to shoot backwinging geese was out of the question...we would let a smaller flock finish and we would let the rest move on and take our birds without the rush that we are used to...the more times the guys got up, even on smaller groups of backwinging geese the better they got at getting there birds on the the end of the hunt, the guys were coming out like old Pro's....Here is a pic with there limits, one of the geese is in the back of the truck after it sailed out....joe

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