Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today was some tough hunting,after hammering the honkers on the last four hunts today was a different ball game.. I tried just about every trick that I could think of to get our geese....we would have honkers lock up and circle several times, spin around us just to go back to the river?..Luckily I was hunting with some great guys that are just as funny as they were patient...It helped that they tag along with Refuge self proclaimed "lurker" and fishing guide on the Clearwater river Jim Carter who is on the right side of the pic with the two geese...We hunted what alot of guys like to call "Bell to Bell"...from sun up to end of shooting time...I don't usually post hunts that finish at the end of the day but even with a slower then normal hunt we had a great time...we had enough geese that would commit to Jim, Terry and Marty to get there birds(two geese were hit but flew off after they gained there composure and counted to there bag) to make it a good time...I am sure after the geese get used to the weather change in the next few will be game over again for the geese...until then, I will a take bad day of goose shootin' with good guys over workin' anyday...joe

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