Monday, December 22, 2008

Geese in the blizzard..

I had a group of three guys that canceled at the last minute due to our snow storm that we are gettin, Paul the owner of the guide service called me back last night and said he had rounded up a few locals that wouldn't have a problem making it out to slam a few geese in the snow...we had a late start, I was lucky to have a helper.....goose hunting in snow is alot of work chasing geese and dusting off decoys...I had my neighbor along to help...and we got in a great shoot...we got a late start one of the clients forgot his gun so we were out in the field setting up and we could here several volleys from the other group on the hill...we got the 20 deeks out and took awhile to get the geese to lift off the river but when they did they came in low and was great to hunt with my neighbor and have guys that can wipe out a whole flock in one was good, cold and a fast shoot when they got to is the pit shot..

and here is a shot of me back at the truck with my new winter hat...I got a slight case of frost bite last week on the tips of my ears from the old beanie and needed something that would keep the ears warm, I think I kind of look like a Nordic Hunter..Joe

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