Sunday, December 28, 2008

Honkers in the snow on Friday, day after Christmas

I have a group of local clients that go out with me almost every year, three of of the five guys used to work with my dad and that's pretty cool to hear a few stories from other guys about him...I told the guys that they were in for a good and fast hunt...the temps have bee staying in the teens and to of the guys are receiving Chemo so there energy isn't what it used to be....Needless to say the honkers never let us down and we had a great shoot, Paul promised the guys in the morning that we would shoot our last goose before nine and thats when we finished up, here is a tailgate shot back at the truck, we wanted to get out of the field quick so Swat could shoot it this morning, man I love it when goose hunting gets like this...joe

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