Sunday, December 28, 2008

guiding my good buddies family duck hunt

I have been looking forward to this day all season, Dan a buddy of mine and his dad along with his son Jake and his two nephews booked a hunt down on the Paul's Pond or duck pond today...actually they hunted the pond last year and I was scheduled to guide them down and then I had the sudden passing of my dad in Iowa and couldn't do the trip...I took Dan and his family on there first guided hunt when Jake was just five or six so we go back a quite a ways...He has become a pretty close friend and always share a blind with him on my annual father-son hunt...Today was special as I don't get to hunt the pond too much...actually I prefer to goose hunt but hitting the pond a few times a year is alot of fun...we had a great shoot, the ducks came in just perfect in small groups and the boy's did a great job of picking out the drakes...Paul owner of the guide service came along and sure helped out...I am a little rusty on my duck shootin' and he knows the pond like know one else...It was a great time hunting, the best part of the hunt was looking down and watching Dan's dad just sitting back and enjoying the good times his boys were having....joe

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Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Sounds like a good time joe :)