Sunday, December 7, 2008

The geese out here in Washington are thicker then I ever remember for this time of year, we have had un-seasonably mild weather but it hasn't stopped the geese from being really aggressive in their feeding habits. My fellow guide and Foiles staffer Jeff and I had a party of goose hunter's this morning, he was set up on the X... I can't remember how many geese were in the field he was hunting, but it was in the several hundreds. I was in a buckwheat field above him...we both knew the geese would probably want to be in his field and he would hammer out his limit and then I would get my group in there and swap out his dudes...Jeff was done pretty quick and we moved, as we moved the sun broke through the clouds which made the geese a little more leery, but it was still a pretty quick hunt My guys banged out there four goose limits and we were done... it helped to have good shooters in the blind as well, two goose groups in and out in a little over two hours...not too bad of a day and we got the field rested for the hunt tomorrow...joe

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